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“I was born free and free I shall die!” Carmen, always iconic, still speaks to us.

Combining Spanish passion with French lyricism, the timeless classic unveils a story of passion, destiny but above all freedom — liberty! — and one unforgettable woman who lives and loves by it, a man consumed by her, and the woman who tries to save him. The unforgettable music stays in the mind and rhythms pound in the heart for days afterwards. Featuring a stellar cast, Carmen is given a modern sheen with an innovative nested rotating set embellished with creative lighting.


Before you go,
The I Hate Opera Guide – Carmen by Philip Eisenbeiss 
(Click on below for full screen reading)

An Opera in FOUR Acts
Composer: Georges Bizet
Libretto: Henri Meilhac and LudovicHalévy

Performed in French with Chinese and English Surtitles

Producer: Warren Mok
Conductor: Gianna Fratta
Stage Director: Enrico Castiglione
Set Designer: Bruno de Lavenère
Costume Designer: Thibaut Welchlin ── With the special support of Vannina Vesperini for the costume design of Carmen, Frasquita and Mercédès.
Lighting Designer: Christophe Chaupin
Video Designer: Etienne Guiol
Chorus Director: Alex Tam
Orchestra Executive: Anders Hui
Assistant Rehearsal Conductor & Principal Répétiteur: Nina Yip

Opera Hong Kong Orchestra
── With the kind support of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Opera Hong Kong Chorus
Opera Hong Kong Children Chorus
Edge ‘n Pointe Dance Centre

Carolyn Sproule (13/5, 15/5, 16/5 7:30pm)
Gosha Kowalinska (14/5 7:30pm, 16/5 2:45pm)

Don José
Mikheil Sheshaberidze (13/5, 15/5, 16/5 7:30pm)
Irakli Kakhidze (14/5 7:30pm, 16/5 2:45pm)

Louise Kwong (13/5, 15/5, 16/5 7:30pm)
Li Yang (14/5 7:30pm, 16/5 2:45pm)

Pierre Doyen

Apollo Wong

Yanna Chen (13/5, 15/5, 16/5 7:30pm)
Gladys Ho (14/5 7:30pm, 16/5 2:45pm)

Dominique Chan (13/5, 15/5, 16/5 7:30pm)
Ashley Chui (14/5 7:30pm, 16/5 2:45pm)

Sammy Chien

Henry Ngan (13/5, 15/5, 16/5 7:30pm)
Wesley Lam (14/5 7:30pm, 16/5 2:45pm)

Lam Kwok Ho (13/5, 15/5, 16/5 7:30pm)
Alex Kwok (14/5 7:30pm, 16/5 2:45pm)


The presenter reserves the right to change the programme and substitute artists.
The content of this programme does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
Hong Kong Arts Development Council supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.