24-25 AUG 2019


Sat Sun
AUG 24 AUG 25
19:30 19:30


Concert Hall, Hong Kong City Hall


$480, $380, $280, $100


Leisure and Cultural Services Department




Cavalleria Rusticana is set on an Easter morning in Sicily. Santuzza is anxiously looking for her lover Turridu, who she thinks has cheated and returned to his former fiancée, Lola who married the wine merchant Alfio when Turiddu was called to war. Santuzza tries in vain to win him back. Now an outcast, and mad with jealousy, she tells Alfio, the cuckolded husband, about Lola. Alfio challenges Turiddu to a fight. Before leaving for fatal duel, Turiddu says goodbye to his mother.

Pagliacci is based on a real murder case of the late-19th century. Canio heads a travelling acting troupe. Canio’s wife Nedda is secretly having an affair with Silvo, a young man in the town where they are stopped. Fearing Canio’s anger, Nedda attempts to break it off but Silvio persuades her to run off with him after the performance. Tonio, one of the troupe’s actors, also desires Nedda, but she pushes him away. In revenge, Tonio tells Canio of Nedda’s affair. During the performance, Canio loses character and confronts Nedda, pulling a knife: art and life become one.

Semi-staged Opera
Performed in Italian with Chinese and English Surtitles

Producer: Warren Mok
Conductor: Gianluca Martinenghi
Director: Enrico Castiglione

Music Director: Wong Sze Hang
Chorus Director: Alex Tam

Opera Hong Kong Orchestra
Opera Hong Kong Chorus

Cavalleria Rusticana
Libretto by Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti  & Guido Menasci
Santuzza: Dominique Chan* / Bobbie Zhang^
Turiddu: Chen Chen
Alfio: Liu Songhu
Lucia: Ivy Mak
Lola:  Emily Lau

Libretto by Ruggero Leoncavallo
Canio: Hao Xingwa
Nedda: Louise Kwong* / Li Yang^
Tonio: Sun Li
Peppe: Chen Yong
Silvio: Liu Songhu

* 24 Aug 2019 | ^ 25 Aug 2019

The presenter reserves the right to replace artists at short notice in the event of the said performer(s) indisposition or other unforeseen circumstances.