25-26 AUG 2017


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Will tampering. Family financial squabbles. Snobbery against the nouveaux riches from outside town. Hong Kong? No, Florence in 1298.

Young love triumphs over family prejudice in Giacomo Puccini’s one-act comic masterpiece Gianni Schicchi, one half of a semi-staged opera double bill. It is joined by the heart-breaking Suor Angelica in which an unfortunate pregnancy leads to a young woman being shut away by her family in a convent and her child taken away from her. Take this opportunity to see and hear opera stars of tomorrow in these two accessible works whose comedy and drama remain acutely relevant today.

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Producer: Warren Mok
Conductor: Dejan Savic
Director: Shen Liang

Designer of Nun Costumes: Cindy Ho Pui-shan
Nun Costumes Production: Costume Shop of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Sister Angelica: Li Yang/ Louise Kwong
La Zia Principessa, HER AUNT: Carol Lin
La Badessa, THE ABBESS: Bobbie Zhang
La Suora Zelatrice, THE MONITRESS: Dominique Chan
The Mistress of the novices: Bobbie Zhang
Sister Genovieffa: Joyce Wong
Sister Osmina: Coco Lau
Sister Dolcina: Gladys Ho
La Suora Infermiera, NURSING SISTER: Emily Liu
Le ceratrici, THE ALMS SISTER: Colette Lam / Ivy Mak
Le novizie:  Elsie Ho
Le converse, THE LAY SISTER: Vicki Wu / Rosanne Lee

Gianni Schicchi: Sammy Chien
Lauretta, HIS DAUGHTER: Alison Lau / Colette Lam
Zita, COUSIN OF BUOSO DONATI: Dominique Chan
Rinuccio, ZITA’S NEPHEW: Chen Yong / Chen Chen
Gherardo, BUOSO’S NEPHEW: Charlie Cha
Nella, GHERARDO’S  WIFE: Joyce Wong
Betto di Signa, BUOSO’S BROTHER-IN-LAW: Albert Lim
Simone, BUOSO’S COUSIN: Apollo Wong
Marco, SIMONE’S SON: Lam Kwok Ho
La Ciesca, MARCO’S WIFE: Emily Liu
Maestro Spinelloccio, DOCTOR: Patrick Chan
Ser Amantio di Nicolao, NOTARY: Kwok Kar Kit
Pinellino, COBBLER: David Yuen
Guccio, DYER: Charles Tsang

Opera Hong Kong Orchestra
Music Director and Concertmaster: Wong Sze-Hang

Artistic Director Warren Mok introduces Suor Angelica & Gianni Schicchi
Alison Lau sings “O mio babbino caro” from Gianni Schicchi